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Just Born Retail Store

Just Born Retail Store - Hospet

The design of the store is developed keeping the existing old wooden rafters holding the roof as it is, and cladding them with veneer, the store was for Born baby outfits, since the colour and textures of the store played very important role, the pink and white colour transformed the space making the smaller area bigger and more striking providing better vision. The use of glass enabled successful functioning of a retail facility with high visibility.

The walls are painted in a simple white and furniture with gloss pink achieving a seeming infinity of depth. Materials combine rudimentary against slick, satin against glossy & provide an honestly & warmth carefully chosen so as not to overpower the product. Colour is one of the simplest and most economical ways of transforming a space.

The transparency, which has obliged the interior space to develop an honest discourse and to afford special care and attention to all the compositional details. At the same time, sales approaches that privilege direct contact with the product and its features, have transformed the store into a kind of “hand’s on” display window.

Artificial lighting such as spot lights and LED’s also played a wide role which allowed the display windows to seduce the customer on the street.