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Hotel Hampi International

Hotel Hampi International - Hospet

The Hotel Hampi International is built on the concept of world Heritage “Hampi” .

In this way, the exterior and interior spaces engage in close dialogue and complement each other with an historic look that plays on the natural elements found around Hospet and Hampi. The client wanted a modern and vibrant interior for the restaurant, which also have a nice and warm atmosphere. This was our brief when we started this process. Inspiration is drawn from nature, where you will find neutral base colour and bright colour accents, stone and wood. Along with large graphic patterns in vibrant colour combinations in wall patterns against the wooden look, we “break” up the tight style of the exterior of the building, to create a calm, warm and colourful atmosphere inside.

The furniture is mainly modern and clean with bright colour combinations. We wanted an expression that was playful and informal. Comfort, durability and of course the design was essential elements for selection of the furniture.

The hotel’s exterior’s is treated very suttle way when compared prefigures the warmth of the interiors, where stone is a dominant element. The front desk area, adds both texture and spirit of the place: luxury, serenity and innovation. And this spirit can be found throughout the hotel, from the restaurant, to the step up bar. While the main entrance might signal the spirit of the Historic, it is the rooms that provide travelers with the true modern experience.

The material palette was selected to reflect the architecture and luxury of the tropics in a combination with the simplicity of contemporary minimalism. The used materials, including Gabion stone wall for front compound, terracotta tiles, and various textiles, were chosen not only for their haptic and optical sensations, but also in accordance with our commitment to the environment.