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Mj Flats

M.J Flats - Hospet

The design of this new apartment starts from the specific request for a house that could accommodate four families, guests and their parents within 400sqm of the site.

The approach responds to the increasing need of individuality and plurality in our current society. This creates a whole new living concept enabling the choice between apartments based on identical layouts but with their own character. The units where designed to obtained three level’s and a stilt at ground level for parking, level one comprises of two units followed by level two and third level for guest’s and entertainment area, due to proximity in size of the units every bedroom has window seat through big large windows and huge doors to the balconies from, dining rooms and Living halls. Furthermore, white walls, cleanliness and warmth sensations in the interior. Thus the house offers extraordinary spaces complemented by the planning of units, understated design and exquisite detail.