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Meditation Hall

Meditation hall (Sthanak) - Hospet

It‘s the place where members of the families get together, practice ritual of Jainism during which they try to come closer to the soul which is called samayik; Samayik helps us in preventing the accumulation of new karmas and the penance we do during samayik helps us to remove some of our accumulated karmas.
The building has the courtesy to curve itself in order to spare a public place. An urban respiration is created which is welcome in a very dense built context; the lines of the building are simple, The building can accommodate around six hundred people with the ground floor suffices meditation hall, changing rooms .The first floor has a balcony, and rooms overlooking the preaching hall at ground level. On the second floor are the rooms for the guest to accommodate. The interior organization is of a great clearness with large no. of windows beyond with a design language based upon the experience of natural light. The building is cladded with terracotta tiles making up the exteriors a mere form of sustainable architecture. "The reason people go to the meditation centre is not to feel cozy – they want to go deeper, to sense something that is not too obvious. The feeling of the building should express this."