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Bhurat Architects Inc. are based in Bangalore and Hospet the Southern part of India, and are ideally located to service projects in the city CBD and surrounding areas.

Director Involvement:

All Bhurat Architects Inc. projects are handled by a minimum of one of the firms’ directors. That director maintains responsibility for communications with the client and other stakeholders ensuring that all parties are always fully up to date on project developments. This service gives our clients the reassurance that the design has been approached thoroughly and objectively.

Records, Documentation and Resources:

All correspondence and records are maintained in hardcopy at our office and an electronic copy is backed up and retained off site.


BAI firmly believes that there can be no compromise in client satisfaction. Our ideas and designs are driven by a result oriented approach; where our accumulated knowledge, expertise and ability to analyze, evaluate, resolve and manage the comprehensive process of transformation of architectural / interior projects from concept to realization is put to constructive use to deliver the vision of the client.

Office systems:

We specialize in end to end fast track interior fit-out jobs spanning across various fields of space usage with a focus on the need to make the spirit respond to the built form in a challenging work environment.