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Residential interiors for JP - Hospet, India

This urban infill site was approached with a unique opportunity to create soothing interiors while maintaining the site’s existing structure as it is. The design concept was driven by the micro-features of the site and the desire to create a contemporary design expression architectural and sustainable ideals.

The approach was to simplify the exterior and interior to make way for the extensive collection of avant-garde contemporary interiors With an Asian tone, the house has a restrained yet strong architectural presence. The color palette is minimal, and the furnishings are simple and elegant. Luxury was an important element to insert into the project, and this was done through careful selection of flooring, veneers, and fabrics.

We have drawn upon the functional and aesthetic qualities of timber to heighten the experience of the home. The porch is covered by pine wood slats, the natural warmth of timber has been utilised in all applications of the home from cladding, the internal finishes and external amenities.

A series of screening techniques, including landscaping, fencing using waste tar rod’s were used to provide shelter from the street while retaining the open feel of the home.